Tis the season.

"Why Fighting The Corona Virus Depends On You" by Vox

"Why Fighting The Corona Virus Depends On You" by Vox

This video by Vox is very informative on how the Corona Virus spreads. If we practice social distancing we can help prevent over filling our hospitals and the spread of Covid-19. Let's work together and help stop this virus. #flattenthecurve.

What We Are Doing

We have closed the doors to our store in Chico, Ca to the public and have encouraged our neighbors to follow along. Some of our employees may be working inside of the office, but we will not allow in-store purchases. Our checkout areas are cleaned every morning and other common surfaces will be deep cleaned over the next few days.

Shop In Place & Think Local

We recommend not leaving the house as much as possible and want to encourage you to do your shopping online by offering 30% off select items and free shipping for the time being. As delivery and shipping become easier and faster we feel online purchases are the best way to approach this situation. Try to shop for your supplies local when you can and download apps like Doordash to support our local restaurant industry.

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