Rosemary Lace Feather Falls Soap Co.

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Rosemary Lace

Lavender and Rosemary both have Camphor in their leaves, which draws the blood to the surface of the skin. Oatmeal and Nutmeg are wonderful exfoliants which help to wash away matured skin. Enjoy ribbons of deep cleansing with Rosemary Lace.

Pure Essential Oils : Rosemary, Lavender and Patchouli.


Feather Falls Soap Co. is family owned and operated out of Chico, California, USA. They specialize in creating and producing hand crafted all natural aromatherapy soap. In addition, the company makes all natural, Aroma Mist, Bath Salt, Massage Oil, Body Essence, Aromatherapy Oil and Skin Cream. Feather Falls Soap Company's all natural, high quality products are a necessary daily alternative to synthetically made products.

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