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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is Upper Park?

  • Upper Park is our clothing brand inspired by Bidwell Park located here in Chico. Bidwell Park is one of the largest state parks in California and is divided into Lower Bidwell Park and Upper Bidwell Park 
  • Upper Bidwell Park offers biking trails for all experience levels, swimming holes, and opportunities to see wildlife like deers, turtles, birds, rabbits, beavers and otters.

  • Lower Bidwell Park has more paved walking trails, biking paths, shade and playgrounds. Lower Bidwell Park is best known for its man-made pool, One Mile

Q. How Did Upper Park Clothing start?

Upper Park started as a small screen printing shop in a garage. From there we started making our own clothing. After our first swimming holes inspired shirts our customers started asking for more. 

Q. What is Landmark 329?

Landmark 329 is the California historical landmark number of the original piece of land John Bidwell purchased here in Chico, which is known as Rancho Del Arroyo Chico and covers the land of and around the Bidwell Mansion 

Q. Do you guys do your own screen printing?

Yes! Our screen printing warehouse is located here in Chico on Cherry Street. And we screen print for many other companies. If you are interested in our custom services let us know.

Q. How long has the company been in business?

We started our screen printing services in 2012 and the Upper Park Clothing line launched shortly after in October of 2013.

Q. What swimming holes are in Upper Bidwell Park?

From the bottom of the park to the very top, the swimming holes are:

Alligator Hole, Day Camp, Bear Hole, Salmon Hole, Brown Hole. Bear Hole is the most famous and we highly recommend hiking Yaki Trail to get there. Yahi is about an 8 mile loop and takes about 3 hours. It’s very easy and the trail follows Big Chico Creek.

Q. What and where is the Washout?

The Washout is a sandy cove located along the Sacramento River on River Road. It’s a great place to fish, swim and possibly see wildlife that you wouldn’t in the city limits

Q. What and where is Table Mountain? 

Table Mountain is an ecological reserve located in Oroville, California (about a 30 minute drive from our store). Table Mountain’s ground is formed from ancient lava flows and has magnificent waterfalls. The beloved annual wildflower bloom happens in the spring at Table Mountain. 


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