California boasts some of the world's most captivating sunsets, and Chico is no different, but sometimes it's hard to pick the perfect spot. Whether you are looking for a romantic date idea, a quick picnic with your besties or some meditative relaxation to escape a long days work this article is for you. Read on to discover your new favorite (and free) spots to watch the sunset in Chico.  

Upper Park Parking Areas - North Rim

Woman sitting on truck bed with blanket and drink watching the sunset at Bidwell Park in Chico, california

If you’re looking for a spot with a great view and the park surrounding you, the Upper Bidwell Park parking areas are a great option for you. You can stay in your car here, but we encourage you to get out and soak up the beauty and fresh air the park provides. If you have a pick-up, we recommend grabbing one of our Blankets, hopping in the back of the truck with your favorite person and watching the sunset from there. Our favorite spot is the North Rim trailhead, located at Parking Area B.


Lookout Point / Butte Creek Watershed Overlook

lookout point, paradise, california

We recommend driving up Skyway Road and heading to Butte Creek Watershed Outlook, better known as Lookout Point. The roadside stop is located on the north side of Skyway (leaving Paradise). Here you will see breathtaking views of Butte County’s “mini Grand Canyon” and a great spot for watching sunsets. If you’re with someone you love, grab a padlock and sharpie on the way there. Lookout Point’s fence has a collection of hundreds of locks from visitors over the years. 

Monkey Face Rock, Upper Bidwell Park

Monkey Face Rock is our beloved natural rock formation in Upper Bidwell Park. When viewed from a distance, you can see a monkey’s face. The trail is easily accessible and family-friendly. Once you reach the top, you will be met with a stunning view of Bidwell Park and Chico. There are also more secluded spots on the way up that are great for laying a blanket out and watching the sun go down. 

Peregrine Point Disc Golf Course

Peregrine Point, Chico, California

Head up Highway 32 and you will find Peregrine Point, a great spot to watch the sunset. Plus, there is a (free) 18-hole frisbee golf course. The area looks out over Upper Bidwell Park and is a stunning landscape to behold as the sun goes down.

Hidden Beach on The Sacramento River

three men fishing on the sacramento river in chico, california

Hidden Beach is one of our favorite spots to cast a line and watch the sunset. It's also a great place for paddle boarding and kayaking. Grab some friends, beers and rods and head down River Road to watch the sunset over the Sacramento River. Don’t forget your bug spray! 

One Mile Recreation Area - Sycamore Pool

One Mile Recreation Area / sycamore pool in bidwell park chico, california

One Mile is a great choice if you’re looking for somewhere to swim, barbecue or lay a blanket down while you watch the sun go down. Sycamore Pool is located in the center of One Mile. However, it is not your standard pool. It is a part of Big Chico Creek and was dammed by Chico in the 1920s, allowing Chicoans to enjoy a free swimming pool in the park for nearly 100 years.  Surrounding the pool are plenty of shaded, grassy areas and barbecuing facilities provided for the public. Even though this sunset viewing area has more trees covering the skyline, the reflection of sunsets against Sycamore Pool is stunning, making it one of our favorite spots. 

Llano Seco Wildlife Refuge 

Llano Seco Wildlife Refuge Sign

Located just South of Chico, the Llano Seco Unit is a part of the Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area that runs through Butte and Glenn Counties. The public-use area of the sanctuary spans 765 acres and is the perfect place for bird watching and wildlife photography. If you're lucky, you might even spot a bald eagle. The Llano Seco Unit is also home to waterfowl, mountain lions, bobcats, hawks, snakes and more (tip: if your goal is to bird-watch, the best time of year is November to February). Explore the sanctuary at sunset by following the half-mile walking trail or cast a line on the Sacramento River that flows through the refuge.

Check out this 24/7 live feed of the refuge:

P.S. According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service... watch out for feral pigs!

What time is sunset tonight in Chico, California?

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The sunset time changes everyday, so just hop on Google and search “When is the sunset tonight?

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Now go chase some sunsets! 🌅

Riley Hogue