Hat Size Guide - Comfortable Hat Eating Noodles

Let's face it, not all heads are made the same.

Have you ever tried on a hat and thought, “This thing is way too small (or big)…” Even after adjustments, sometimes hats just don’t fit quite right. Well, you haven’t found your profile!

This is why we offer a variety of hat profile heights with a wide range of materials and structures for each. Everyone has their own preferences so we have options for you.

Whether you wear hats daily or just want to cover up a bad hair day, choosing the right hat profile can make all the difference. Follow this guide and you’ll finally find what fit is best for you.

Hat Profile Height Diagram

What is a Hat Profile?

Let's start with the basics, sometimes called the crown, the hat profile is the height of a hat, only measuring what is covering your head. The depth of the hat’s crown (the part that touches the top of your head) is what determines the height. We have broken these down into three different profiles: Low, Medium and High.

Low Profile hats have a crown height of about 2-3 inches, Mid Profile caps have a height of 3-4 inches, and anything above 4 inches is considered High Profile.

With greater crown height comes a need for stability. Therefore, hi-pro hats tend to require a structured crown while mid and low-profile hats can be unstructured.

Now let’s break it down.

Low ProfileLow Profile Crown Height

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"Low Profile"

Low Profile hats look great on small and medium-sized heads. Sometimes unstructured and made of light fabrics for breathability. These hats fit tightly on the head making them the first choice for women.

Low Profile Crown Height

Go for a Low Profile if:

  • You have a smaller head or most hats fit too large
  • You don’t want your hat to come down past your ears
  • You prefer lighter fabrics for ventilation, packing, or storing
  • You want your hat unstructured and flexible
  • You prefer a more subtle and causal silhouette

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Mid Profile – A FavoriteLow Profile Crown Height

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"Mid Profile"

This profile is by far our most popular. It's perfect for medium-sized heads who prefer a standard baseball cap fit. With a typical crown height of 3-4 inches, they are a good balance between high profile and low profile.

Mid Profile Crown Height

Go for a Mid Profile if you want a:

  • Classic baseball cap fit
  • Structured fit
  • Crown that’s noticeable but still laid-back

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High ProfileLow Profile Crown Height

High Profile Hats

"High Profile"

These hats are for larger heads or if you prefer a loose and tall fit. The crown protrudes higher from the brim of the hat to produce a stylish silhouette. Hats with a High Profile usually have a structured or foam front.

High Profile Crown Height

Go for a hi-pro if you:

  • Have a large head or most hats fit too small on you
  • Prefer a looser fit
  • Prefer a structured crown
  • Want your hat to make a bold statement
  • Are looking for an early 90s style

Making Your Choice

Choosing the right profile height comes down to your head size, your style, and your personal fit preference. The difference in range from low to high profile hats is noticeable and will give different impressions of the wearer.

We hope this article has been helpful in finding the best fit for you. Start your search for the perfect by browsing our hats.

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I need a black hat that fits good but doesn’t have a big brim. Sun Hat Short Brim is what I need but can’t seem to find one . I also need it with a hole for ponytail

— Marlene