3rd Annual Hidden Gems Easter Egg Hunt

The Hunt Begins!

With over $400 in prizes, six eggs will be scattered through Upper Bidwell Park, all filled with goodies and a couple other hidden gems! Two eggs will be dropped every day starting Thursday April, 14th and ending Saturday, April 16th. Now it's up to you to find them. Follow our social stories and posts closely for updates and hints on every egg location. Best of luck to you hunters! The difficulty level has been upped this year ;)

A Few Safety Precautions

Rattlesnake Warning Sign

Watch out for snakes!

While we will do our best to not hide the eggs in snake territory little critters can pop up. Remember this is a natural habitat for many wild life so please watch your step.

Poison Oak Leaves - Upper Bidwell Park

Watch Out For Poison Oak!

Leaves of three let it be – just so you know we won't be hiding our eggs in any poison oak patches.

Easter Bunny Laying In Grass with Eggs

Respect Your Fellow Hunters

As you might run into others joining this adventure, make some new friends instead of being competitive! This is all in good fun! However, you know the rules, finders keepers ;)

Stay Connected

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the giveaway details and hints for locations.

Easter Sale!

Big Savings Through Easter Sunday!

Our Easter Sale continues online and in-store. Get 20% off all the eggs in your basket with code, "EGGHUNT22".

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David Selkirk