Foragers Mushroom Mug

Product image 1Foragers Mushroom Mug
Product image 2Foragers Mushroom Mug
Product image 3Foragers Mushroom Mug

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For those fungi lovers out there. Wrapped with artwork of ink drawings of mushrooms.

Mushrooms: Alcohol Inky (coprinus atramentarius), Death cap (amanita phalloides), Meadow Mushroom (agaricus campestris), Shaggy Mane (coprinus comatus), Honey Mushroom (armillariella mellea), Orange Latex Milky (lactarius deliciosus), Common Mycena (mycena galericulata), Fairy Ring Mushroom (marasmius oreades), Fairy Ring Mushroom (marasmius oreades), Yellow Morel (morchella esculenta), Black Truffle (tuber melanosporum)


  • Wrap around graphic
  • 11oz
  • Ceramic white

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