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10 Fun Activities While Staying At Home (Practicing Social Distancing)

10 Fun Activities While Staying At Home (Practicing Social Distancing)

Let’s face it, these are pretty crazy times. We have been asked to “Stay-at-home” and this virus has taken over the world, but it can’t take over our homes if we don’t let it! The chances of spreading the virus are dramatically reduced if we stay in our homes. But we still need to stay sane! For most of us our busy work weeks have ended abruptly and it’s been hard to shift gears.

With all of this, I bet, there are things that you’ve been wanting to do for years and haven’t had the chance. Hobbies that truly make you happy. It’s time to turn off the news and disconnect. Not only are we going to get through this, we’re going to have a good time while doing it. Below are 10 Fun Activities While Staying At Home and practicing social distancing.


1. Paint and Sip Party

Paint and Sip Party - stay at home quarantine
“Paint & Sip Party” - Photo: @upperpark | Merch: Upper Park Pint Glass

You might already have the paints and brushes around the house, but if not you can order them online. Painting is the perfect relaxation tool and it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Grab a cold beer or a glass of wine, sip and enjoy a good time. Great for the entire family or FaceTime with your friends for a digital paint party.

2. Draw and Let Loose!

Wyatt Hersey Drawing - Quarantine - stay at home
“Wyatt Hersey Drawing” - Photo: @provisionsgallery | Merch: Shop Art Prints

Stick figures are okay! The most important part about drawing is letting loose. Draw big and draw fast for the first couple minutes. A blank white piece of paper doesn’t do your brain any good. We highly recommend drawing with colored pencils. They’re therapeutic as the wax collides with the tooth of the paper. It also gives you an opportunity to use many colors. An old artist trick is to start with light colors and end with darker colors.

3. Garden Outside

garden outside - Quarantine - stay at home
“Raised Bed Garden” - Photo: @upperpark

Get your hands dirty and in some soil. There’s plenty of time to nurse those little babies. Starting from seed makes it even more exciting as you watch your friend grow into an adult. Some of us have the luxury of a yard that gets sun and we can set up raised beds. But if you aren’t one of these lucky ones you can just plant in some pots.

4. Bake Something

Make Sourdough Bread Starter - Quarantine - stay at home
“Sourdough Starter” - Photo: @upperpark

There’s a good chance your local grocery store is out of stock, but if you have some flour in your pantry you probably have all the ingredients you need to bake a delicious cake. If you’re an advanced baker give yourself a challenge and make some sourdough bread from scratch.

5. Clean & Organize

Organize House - Quarantine - stay at home

The pantry, the closet, those kitchen cabinets, they’re probably all a mess and haven't been cleaned in years. Organizing feels good and you’re probably hoarding more than you think in those cupboards. Try putting your dry goods in mason jars to increase their lifespan and keep their flavor.

6. Read A Book

Book stand - Quarantine - stay at home
“Little Free Library” - Photo: @upperpark | Merch: Books Coming Soon.

Turn off your phone for an hour and just read. If you need some new books try to find a neighborhood book stand near you at LittleFreeLibray.org. We all have a bit of a travel bug at this point so soon we will have some excellent travel guides for your next trip when with this is all over.

7. Craft Cocktails

Craft Cocktails at Home
“Gin & Ginger Fizz” - Photo: @brioetspice

Some of us are drinking a little more during these times and if you aren’t you probably deserve something refreshing. Hone your craft cocktail skills and try out new advanced recipes. Maybe make some mocktails for the kids or if you're feeling traditional, see if you can make a better martini than your local bartender. Pictured above is a light and refreshing Gin & Ginger Fizz from Brio Et Spice.

8. Cook Dinner From Scratch

Mason jar spice rack vintage labels - Quarantine - stay at home“Mason Jar Spices with Vintage Labels” - Photo: @upperpark

Disregard the seasoning mixes and ditch the bullion cubes, it’s time for a challenge. We have plenty of time to develop flavor while we stay at home and you’re probably already stocked up for an army. You may want to slow cook some carnitas for tacos or mix it up with a new chili recipe that will fill your house with a spicy aroma. Get into it! If you’re making Italian food, play some Italian music and keep in mind good food takes time.

9. Make Some Music

make music - fender guitar - Quarantine - stay at home
“Fender” - Photo: @upperpark

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve played or just want to learn now. Challenge yourself with a new song or make a beat. Even if you aren’t skilled at all, apps like Garage Band are fun!

10. Learn A New Language

Learn to code - Quarantine - stay at home

We've take some language courses in our high school years, but did you ever keep it up? Youtube has some excellent resources for catching up on that language you never get to speak. Follow it up by watching a foreign film and immerse yourself in another culture for a couple hours.

Languages can also be in the form of programming. We can take this time to learn something that might further our careers. Test out your computer skills by creating a new app and say, “Hello World.”

In Conclusion

We hope you get to take some time out of your day and enjoy some of these activities. Keep in mind these are just ideas to get you started and actually we'd like to add number 11. Online shop with us :)

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • @Toni Thank you for providing the credit! We had no idea there was such a program.

  • Hi!

    Thank you for featuring the garden boxes in the blog. They are in my yard! While I don’t mind that you took pics of my garden, I would love it if you gave credit to the organizations that built and filled the boxes. The boxes were courtesy of the Butte County Local Food Network (https://bclocalfood.org/ IG @BCLocalFood) from the Victory Garden 2.0 Garden Box and Bucket Blitz and the plants were from Sherri Scott at Grub Grown Nursery and Farm (https://www.facebook.com/grubgrown/). The box installation project was cut short due to Covid-19, but many boxes were installed in Chico. It will resume in Chicoas soon as it’s safe to do so, and hopefully beyond in the Fall.

    Not only is growing your own food a very fun and satisfying activity, it’s really important in these uncertain times, as our food security may be in serious jeopardy.

    Thanks a bunch, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


    Toni Zanella
  • Love the ideas and especially the pictures. You two have certainly been busy! Sheltering at home doesn’t have to be a bad thing when you have such creative minds!


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