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10 Things To Do For Valentines Day (Besides going out to dinner)

10 Things To Do For Valentines Day (Besides Going Out To Dinner)

It happens every year, restaurant reservations are totally booked, hotels are completely full and your date doesn't want to settle for a boring dinner at the same place you went to a week ago. Valentines Day can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. The month of February is about showing your love for anyone special in your life and it doesn't have to come with deep pockets. Here's 10 things to do on Valentines Day (besides going out to dinner). 

1. Breakfast in Bed

breakfast in bedPhoto: Matthew Henry

There's never a time when waking up to hot food is a bad thing. Surprise them with hot coffee and a treat. Don't make it too much of a meal because you have a long day ahead. Add flowers to the mix and you have a very special morning :)


2. Take A Hike

Day Hike Monkey Face Rock Bidwell Park
“Day Hike at Monkey Face” - Photo: @upperpark | Merch: Monkey Face Snapback

Of course we recommend a trip to Upper Park, but wherever you are there's always something nearby. If you are in the northern California area check out Monkey Face Rock. This hike is easy and can either be a half-hour or a couple hours depending on how long your picnic surprise is which leads us to number three.


3. Surprise Them With A Picnic

Upper Park Picnic - Wine Glass Cheers
“Picnic Date” - Photo: @upperpark | Shown: Stemless Wine Glasses

It doesn't have to be anything extravagant. Pick up a couple items from Trader Joes or any health food store you can sneak out to in morning and wrap them in a blanket. They can see the blanket, but not the goodies inside.


4. Ride Bikes Into The Wind

Bike Ride
Photo: @upperpark | Shown: Flag Label Pocket Tee

It’s about being active, taking in the sun and enjoying the moment. Ride to the furthest coffee shop and take the longest path. Riding is one of the best ways to enjoy each other's presence and you don’t have to say a word to each other (because they can’t hear you from the wind in their ears). 


4. Take Your Dog On A Day Date

Evee's Day Out
“Eevee's Day Out” - Photo: @upperpark | Shown: Good Vibes Toddler Tee

Your little friend(s) need even more love this Valentines month. Treat them to a good day out in the park, feed him an excellent lunch and have them in bed by 9. If you don't have one borrow your friends, they won't mind.


5. Have A Bed Picnic

Sushi in BedPhoto: Michelle Krozser

If you’re new to the idea of a bed picnic it’s very simple. Order a bunch of food and create an extravagant spread to eat on your bed. We recommend sushi and to order a lot. Make sure you are cozy, put on something to binge watch and stay for a few hours.


6. Cook Dinner At Home

Pasta At Home
Photo: vadimguzhva

Cooking dinner at home can be a team effort or you can just impress them with your pasta making skills, learn the skills in 3 minutes here. Create something light and beautiful together. Something you’d find in a fine establishment, but each plate should express your personality. Split the tasks by having them work on the appetizers and you can do the mains. Set the mood with candles and music to match. Pro tip: make sure to clean a bit as you go because those dirty dishes aren't sexy.


8. Road Trip to a Hot Spring

Feather River Hot Spring
"Feather River Hot Spring” Photo: @upperpark

A warm soak in a natural hot spring is an experience worth the trip. The natural jacuzzi does wonders for your skin and your relationship.


9. Travel To A Beach

Muir Beach Date
“Muir Beach” Photo: @upperpark | Merch: Mexican Beach Blankets

Depending on where you are a beach might be a long trip, but if you’re in California like us they’re pretty easy to find in a pinch. Bring plenty of snacks, a blanket and preferably find a beach where you can enjoy a fire pit as the sun goes down.


10. Catch the Sunset

Upper Park Sunset
“Guardian Trail, Bidwell Park” Photo: @upperpark | Merch: Mexican Beach Blankets

After a good day of activities the best way to enter the night is to catch the sunset. It’s the one thing on this list that is completely free, but easy to miss. Pro tip: Google what time the sunset is early in the day to get planning.

In Conclusion

The whole point of this month is to show your love and appreciation for the special people in your life. It's your best friend, your partner, your mom, your children and your family. Just let them know you love them. And if none of these ideas work for you we have plenty of merchandise that they might love too ;)

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