5th Annual Hidden Gems Hunt Hero

Every year we make this hunt bigger and this one is no different. Starting Thursday (3/28/24) we'll be hiding easter eggs all over the city, each of them filled with Upper Park goodies and a few other hidden gems. Two eggs will be dropped for three days in a row. Now it's up to you to find them.

Watch our social media stories and posts closely for updates and hints on every egg location. Find us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Best of luck to you hunters.

Special Guest Prizes

Sierra Nevada Brewing, The Commons, Drunken Dumpling, Shuberts, Hatchet House, TrailBlazer Pet Supply, Parkside Tap House, Party Town

We teamed up with a few special guests to contribute the prize pool! Prizes from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Drunken Dumpling, Shubert's Ice Cream & Candy, Party Town, The Hatchet House, TrailBlazer Pet Supply, Parkside Tap House and The Commons Social Empourium have been added randomly to the eggs. Watch our social stories closely for details.

Bonus Egg

Deep within our website we have hidden an egg. This egg will grant you a free Upper Park gift card. The first five people to find it will be the lucky winners. Start your search today and when you find it you'll see instructions how to claim your prize.

A Few Precautions

Leave it better than you found it

Please don't litter - Bidwell Park Clean Up

Pack your trash! If you see some trash do your neighbor a favor and pick it up. A clean park is a beautiful park.

Please Try Not To Trample

California Poppy Flower

The wild flowers and plants are happier without feet crushing them. Please be mindful of your steps when veering away from the trails.

Watch Out For Snakes

Chico Creek Nature Center Snake

We'll do our best to not hide the eggs in snake territory, but these little critters can pop up. Remember that this is a natural habitat for many types wildlife, so please watch your step.

Be On The Lookout For Poison Oak

Poison Oak - Bidwell Park Chico California

It's the golden rule, "leaves of three, let it be." Just so you know, we won't be hiding our eggs in any poison oak patches. However you'll find these little plant in a lot of places.

Hunt Respectfully :)

Easter Bunny at College Party in Chico


You might run into others on this adventure, so make some new friends instead of being competitive! This is all in good fun! However, you know the rules... finders keepers.

Big savings through Easter Sunday

Our Easter Sale continues online and in store. Get 20% off all the eggs in your basket with code: EGGHUNT24.

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