Earth Day Fundraiser with The Chico Creek Nature Center

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For Earth Day weekend (4/19-4/22) we’re donating 25% of our proceeds to the Chico Creek Nature Center. Read on to learn more about the center and everything it has to offer. Shop to contribute to the fundraiser!

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This fundraiser has ended, but with your help we raised $1435 for the Chico Creek Nature Center! Thank you everyone that contributed!

What is the Chico Creek Nature Center?

Chico Creek Nature Center Chico Ca

The Chico Creek Nature Center, located in the heart of Bidwell Park, is a visitor center for locals and tourists alike who are looking to learn more about the park. The center is owned and operated by the Chico Area Recreation District (CARD), and offers a wide array of things to do and learn about such as their guided walks, children’s camps, and a live animal room. Passionate employees look forward to answering all of your nature-related questions or to simply show you around the area. The Nature Center also welcomes school field trips and even provides professional development programs, including Project WILD and Project Learning Tree, for teachers and informal educators alike. Another great way to get involved is to sign up for volunteer opportunities, which can be found on the CARD website. From a native plant garden, to the incredible walking trails, to viewing live animals, it’s safe to say that there is something for everyone to enjoy at the Chico Creek Nature Center.

1968 E. 8th Street, Chico, CA 95928 | (530) 891-4671 |

Living Animal Museum

Reptiles at the Chico Creek Nature Center Chico CA

Inside the Nature Center’s main building, you’ll find the Janeece Web Living Animal Muse­um, as well as the Nature Play Room and Exhibit hall. Here you can enjoy a room filled with informational books, pamphlets, toys and activities as well as the opportunity to check out live animals such as bun­nies, tur­tles, birds, snakes, frogs, lizards and more! 

Owls Diagram at the Chico Creek Nature Center Chico CA

The Deer Pen

Plant Garden at the Chico Creek Nature Center Chico CA

If you’ve taken a stroll around the area, you’ve probably stumbled upon the concrete slabs and fencing amongst the redwood trees. At first glance, it’s hard to make out what they were used for. We have the answer (well, sort of). For decades, they were used as deer pens for visitors to stop by and admire. It was a rare opportunity for city folk to see animals in their natural environment up until 2005 (when the last deer passed away). There are also unconfirmed rumors that some of the concrete slabs were used to house bears decades ago. We cannot confirm this claim, however it’s a fun one to ponder.

Alice Hecker Memorial Native Plant Garden

The Chico Creek Nature Center is also home to the Alice Hecker Memorial Native Plant Garden. The garden is home to lots of native California plants as well as a pond and walking trail with information on each plant you pass on your walk. Whether you’re looking to learn more about California’s unique set of native plants, or you’re simply looking for a quiet place for a walk in nature, the plant garden should be your go-to.

Native Plants at the Chico Creek Nature Center Chico CA

Our Contribution

For decades, the CCNC has provided the community with education and resources to inspire us. We love the Chico Creek Nature Center and are thrilled to host this Earth Day fundraiser to show our appreciation. If you would like to support the CCNC, shop our online store or at our storefront in Downtown Chico (122 W. 3rd St) from 4/19/24 through 4/22/24.

Upper Park Earth Day Fundraiser with Chico Creek Nature Center


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